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Total deface:34    Home Deface:23    Special Deface:1    Unique IP:18
Time (UTC) Attacker Team H M R L Domain OS View
2017-06-18 13:06:54 ZoRRoKiN turkhackteam.org H wingsofhope.co Linux Mirror
2017-06-18 13:04:15 ZoRRoKiN turkhackteam.org H ruraldevelopmentindia.com Linux Mirror
2017-06-18 13:01:33 ZoRRoKiN turkhackteam.org H hmsadesigns.com Linux Mirror
2017-06-18 12:56:13 ZoRRoKiN turkhackteam.org H www.deepdentalclinic.com Linux Mirror
2016-08-10 15:44:09 TurkHackTeam.Org TurkHackTeam.Org H turkhackteam.com.mw Linux Mirror
2016-04-10 19:26:32 HackeRecep-THT turkhackteam.org H voiajlitoral.ro Linux Mirror
2016-04-04 22:20:30 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org H vibeteen.xyz Linux Mirror
2016-03-29 20:34:26 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org www.aierj.net/base.php Linux Mirror
2016-03-28 20:05:12 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org H aantenadanet.com Linux Mirror
2016-03-27 21:13:13 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org www.embaixadapr.com.br/links/testemunho/ Linux Mirror
2016-03-27 20:28:21 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org www.acfalaserio.com.br/index.php Linux Mirror
2016-03-27 19:02:28 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org H voxpainel.com.br Linux Mirror
2016-03-27 01:50:06 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org H www.94webradio.com.br Linux Mirror
2016-03-24 22:34:27 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org www.radioenxovaispaulista.com.br/radio/base.p Linux Mirror
2016-03-24 22:34:27 The_DeMoN TurkHackTeam.Org www.nativawebradio.com/base.php Linux Mirror
2016-03-16 14:52:18 since1299 Turkhackteam.org www.kittenwar.com/c_images/upload/2016/03/16/ Linux Mirror
2016-02-09 16:25:40 ZoRRoKiN TurkHackTeam.org www.prakorn.com/smepaypal/index.php Linux Mirror
2016-02-08 12:34:42 TC-6.35mm TurkHackTeam.org H jdm-motors.ru Linux Mirror
2016-02-05 13:36:28 ZoRRoKiN TurkHackTeam.org www.nmwit.ac.th/web1/file_editor/TcTc.txt Linux Mirror
2016-01-30 17:27:48 Turkhackteam.org Turkhackteam.org www.baanchang.go.th/index.php Linux Mirror
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