Attacks Archive of Sanjungan Jiwa
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Special- Special defacement (special defacements are important websites)
Total deface:258    Home Deface:258    Special Deface:26    Unique IP:162
Time (UTC) Attacker Team H M R L Domain OS View
2014-11-22 13:43:49 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.ecoviewwindowsnc.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-21 19:55:25 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.decormypalace.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-21 18:10:24 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H moonoflorien.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-20 22:11:06 ice-cream Sanjungan Jiwa H webdesignscripts.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-20 22:10:45 ice-cream Sanjungan Jiwa H videosmate.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-20 22:10:15 ice-cream Sanjungan Jiwa H chartmakerapp.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-20 22:10:00 ice-cream Sanjungan jiwa H filmepornoonline.eu Linux Mirror
2014-11-20 20:47:02 ice-cream Sanjungan Jiwa H mahabirbajrangagro.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-18 17:20:13 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.gite-letablon.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-17 11:53:19 Isal Dot ID Sanjungan Jiwa H www.sys2u.com Windows 2003 Mirror
2014-11-17 11:11:52 Isal Dot ID Sanjungan Jiwa H flowerbee.co.uk Linux Mirror
2014-11-17 11:11:25 Isal Dot ID Sanjungan Jiwa H www.kfbioplants.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-17 04:19:01 R3dh34d Sanjungan Jiwa H apevibez.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-16 21:37:29 ice-cream Sanjungan Jiwa H imtcollege.co.in Linux Mirror
2014-11-15 18:33:32 Eitaro Attacker Sanjungan Jiwa H myclogs.se Linux Mirror
2014-11-15 18:33:16 Eitaro Attacker Sanjungan Jiwa H cbsripolles.cat Linux Mirror
2014-11-14 16:36:14 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.hoth-music.at Linux Mirror
2014-11-13 13:36:25 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H aqualifepr.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-12 17:35:29 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.jonahsseafood.com Linux Mirror
2014-11-10 16:37:06 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H www.amanicomputers.com Linux Mirror
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