Attacks Archive of Sanjungan Jiwa
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H- Homepage defacement
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L- Location of Server according to IP address
Special- Special defacement (special defacements are important websites)
Total deface:258    Home Deface:258    Special Deface:26    Unique IP:162
Time (UTC) Attacker Team H M R L Domain OS View
2014-12-13 04:35:25 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H dravinpharmaceutical.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-13 04:34:16 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H bansibrass.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-13 04:33:12 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H arrowtouch.in Linux Mirror
2014-12-13 04:32:39 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H atthistime.in Linux Mirror
2014-12-13 04:31:06 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H cube.pk Linux Mirror
2014-12-10 21:46:42 Eitaro Attacker Sanjungan Jiwa H baliinspirasi.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-10 21:46:00 Eitaro Attacker Sanjungan Jiwa H harapanibu.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-09 23:03:18 LogView7 Sanjungan Jiwa H alluredeviespa.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-07 21:37:44 LogView7 Sanjungan jiwa H www.svdplm.org Linux Mirror
2014-12-04 14:46:24 Isal Dot ID Sanjungan Jiwa H www.sandstonepaving.co.in Linux Mirror
2014-12-04 02:01:56 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.squashsport.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 22:02:41 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H agilamont.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 21:19:57 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.sokolkozolupy.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 20:30:21 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.ingolf.sk Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 14:53:01 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.ingolf.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 14:40:07 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.ddmstodulky.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 13:58:41 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.stastne-stari.cz Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 12:43:12 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.plusbeat.com Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 11:55:54 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H www.bemboz.hu Linux Mirror
2014-12-03 11:39:43 Wonka Sanjungan Jiwa H egyhazzene.hu Linux Mirror
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