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Special- Special defacement (special defacements are important websites)
Total deface:16    Home Deface:4    Special Deface:16    Unique IP:12
Time (UTC) Attacker Team H M R L Domain OS View
2017-11-09 17:09:47 blacksql black hackers hubtown.co.in/admin/index.html Linux Mirror
2017-11-02 19:01:35 Blacksql Black hackers s3logistics.in/about.php Linux Mirror
2017-06-06 18:11:06 black sql black hackers finetravels.in/index.php Linux Mirror
2017-05-26 13:57:09 black sql black hackers H kolkataeducore.in Linux Mirror
2017-05-15 08:27:32 black sql black hackers H willtowin.in Linux Mirror
2017-05-14 23:34:00 black sql black hackers papercuprawmaterial.co.in/r00t.htm Windows 2008 Mirror
2017-05-14 23:28:41 black sql black hackers bharathvidhya.edu.in/xaad.html Linux Mirror
2017-05-14 23:28:39 black sql black hackers tvss.in/xaad.html Linux Mirror
2017-05-14 23:28:37 black sql black hackers iltautomations.in/xaad.html Linux Mirror
2017-05-14 23:28:35 black sql black hackers ambaricbse.edu.in/xaad.html Linux Mirror
2017-05-14 23:28:29 black sql black hackers nvtc.in/xaad.html Linux Mirror
2017-05-13 11:09:37 black sql black hackers zippynet.in/index.php Linux Mirror
2017-05-04 19:01:02 TML-V1ru5 Black Hackers www.lnimpex.in/details.php Windows 2008 Mirror
2017-04-06 14:40:31 black sql black hackers H www.synergysystem.co.in Linux Mirror
2016-07-06 02:07:14 Black sql Black Hackers H www.traveltime.co.in Linux Mirror
2014-12-02 01:09:10 Taimoor Abid Black Hackers www.hisc.co.in/img_dtl.php Windows 2008 Mirror