Attacks Archive of WH1T3 T1G3R (NONE)
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H- Homepage defacement
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L- Location of Server according to IP address
Special- Special defacement (special defacements are important websites)
Total deface:51    Home Deface:14    Special Deface:15    Unique IP:23
Time (UTC) Attacker Team H M R L Domain OS View
2017-07-09 18:33:23 WH1T3 T1G3R NONE H www.arzuestates.in Linux Mirror
2016-07-29 09:24:14 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters H www.cecc.edu.np Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 21:50:27 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters www.apgindia.org/adminpanel/gallery/category/ Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 18:25:05 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters H www.sankyuindia.com Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 14:28:54 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters H www.apmcvisavadar.com Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 14:15:28 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters ambassadorep.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 11:10:50 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters H gotkosherinc.com Linux Mirror
2016-07-28 10:51:48 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters www.hlfppt.org/admin/photogallery/index.php Windows 2008 Mirror
2016-07-26 08:12:39 WH1T3 T1G3R Pak Hunters nirvaynews.com/index.htm Linux Mirror
2016-07-17 08:26:29 WH1T3 T1G3R alone H www.festivalcrackers.com Linux Mirror
2016-07-17 05:41:56 WH1T3 T1G3R alone H vegatheming.com Linux Mirror
2016-07-16 20:00:02 WH1T3 T1G3R alone H www.rkfa.in Linux Mirror
2016-07-16 11:28:17 WH1T3 T1G3R alone www.richmusic.in/index.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:32:49 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts www.swastikvinayakevents.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:32:36 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts stepnstyle7.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:32:25 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts satyamherbalproducts.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:32:11 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts homekiranajaipur.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:32:02 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts daycarecenter.co.in/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:31:48 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts parktowne.in/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
2016-07-15 06:31:34 WH1T3 T1G3R ANON L33Ts dndbuildhome.com/T1G3R.php Linux Mirror
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